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Funny: Forsaken Chronicle
  • Bluebird's ending in Forsaken Chronicle 2. She's just saved the world, stopped Shinya, re-killed Gage and now has hordes of adoring fans. And what does she do? Chases down Connor and enters into a Lover Tug-of-War with Exie.
    • It's implied she won too.
  • Sam's ending in 2 has him topple Shinya's Wave Motion Gun which he was planning on firing. It then blows up behind him, destroying a good portion of his home town. Oh, Crap doesn't begin to describe his face.
  • Cat's ending in the first game has her breaking into a building using all her mad skills...only for Connor to turn on the light switch...wearing his pyjamas.
  • Gage's ending in 3 has him anhiliate the entire army of the world, remarking that all viable threats have been removed. When Connor states that Shinya is still alive, Gage repeats All Viable threats have been destroyed.
    • Shinya, who was present, had a giant Oh, Crap moment when Gage said that
  • The initial stages of the Bluebird vs Exie fight in 5 are hilarious. Then shit gets real when Exie begins comparing their breast size...
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