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Gage is Connor's father.
  • Think about it. Gage dotes on Connor like he is his son. Perhaps it's not just fondness for Connor as a person but fondness as his family.
    • Well, Mitchell from Ultra is Connor's dad so...

Exie and Connor were previously dating.
  • It makes sense, considering how much sexual tension goes on between them.
    • Actually, it says they were romantically linked in both their profiles. So, yeah...

"It" deliberately brought Arthur back to life to get revenge.
  • Arthur defeated it with little effort in ages past, which is king of humiliating for an Eldritch Abomination. Since it could not reverse time, it did the next best thing and brought him back for a much awaited rematch.

The Unknown will be key to the plot of Forsaken Chronicle 3
  • He has been present since the start of the series and has been steadily becoming more insane as time passes. He has ties to Arthur, who died hundreds of years before the his playable appearance, so perhaps he has some gambit in play that not even Gage knew about?
    • He doesn't really seem like the mastermind type. While he might have some relevance to the plot, he might not nessecarily be the central antagonist. It seems more likely that Gage will reprise the role or Shinya might Take a Level in Badass and take up the mantle of central villain.
      • Gage seems more likely than Shinya as he came back to life in his Novus form through the influence of "It" and his sheer willpower.

Noctis is Connor's mother
  • In Rikon's story, after he defeated Gage, he moves to finish off Connor only for Noctis to move into the way and attack him, referring to Connor as Her Child.
    • Connor is the youngest person exposed to Magus, while Noctis is the first. She might view him as her child in a metophorical sense.
      • But she does look an awful lot like Connor.

Gage will reprise his Big Bad role in 4
  • Ok, Gage got almost Demoted to Extra in 2 and seems to have pulled a Heel–Face Turn in 3. But him being a villain and all, he'll probably pull on epic Face–Heel Turn in 4 and become the central villain again.
    • Ok, Gage was never a straight villain to begin with. He was more of an Anti-Villain. And secondly, when did he pull this Heel–Face Turn? I'm pretty sure he's still hell bent on world conquest.

5 involve more of the 15 Keys Characters
  • I mean, Zach appeared in 2 and 4. Why can't more characters appear?
    • Then we'd have a Forsaken Chronicle vs 15 Keys game.
      • This troper would play that game!
      • CONFIRMED!!!! There will be a Forsaken Chronicle vs 15 Keys game, according to Word of God!

Shun's death will be retconned for Forsaken Chronicle Unlimited

Because Shun was an utter badass and was incredibly fun to play as!