Funny / Fandango

  • This segment before Money in the Bank 2013.
    (The contestants are arguing over who's going to win, and Fandango comes in)
    Fandango: (is about to say his name, but gets cut off)
    Cody Rhodes: Don't say it.
    Fandango: Faa-
    Wade Barrett: Don't.
    Fandango: Faa-
    Zeb Colter: Don't say it.
    Fandango: Faaaaaaan Daaaaa-
    Wade Barrett: (punches Fandango in the face, knocking him to the floor)
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): Oh man!
    (everybody laughs)
    Damien Sandow: (laughs) Well, I guess that solves that.
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): Ow!
    (everybody continues laughing)
    Jerry Lawler (on commentary): (laughs) Oh man.
  • Johnny Curtis and Maxine ambush Matt Striker backstage on NXT.
    Maxine: "Why do you have chloroform?"
    Curtis: "Why— why don't I have chloroform?"
  • His interview with Renee Young backstage on Main Event all delivered in a breathy whisper.
    Renee: You just went out and disrupted Xavier Woods and his match, I wondering if I could get some insight.
    Fandango: Sh, sh sh. Isabella, Xavier Woods was very clever on Smackdown, using the Funkadoodles and getting the victory. Well I showed Xavier Woods that I had a little something up my sleeve.
    Renee: Well, technically speaking you're not wearing sleeves, I
    Fandango: Sh, sh, shut your mouth. Shut your mouth. I thought you were a decent lady. You're not even a real journalism.
  • Fandango distracted Dolph Ziggler and caused him to lose by standing on the Announcer's table and dancing sexily.