Funny / Fake News Rumble

  • Just... Dark Lord Cheney.
  • Stephen is a literal 'lancer'.
  • "So this is what a catastrafuck looks like."
  • "I always knew Canadians were magical!"
  • Kennedy's gravitas, and some famously awkward German, resulting in people actually believing that JFK was a donut.
    Crowds followed him around for weeks attempting to lick the flavor out of him.
  • Tek's narration about his late master, specifically, when he mentions vowing to prove himself to "that tiny, tiny man."
  • During his fight with a mind-controlled Stephen, Jon desperately tries to get him back to his senses. Unfortunately, he brings up the Emmy's (spoiler), then hilariously realizes this was a bad decision:
    Jon: Do you remember the Emmy's? You won last year! Of course, I won the year before that, and the year before that... You know what? Forget the Emmy's...
  • In the midst of the epic final gamble to save the world, the encouragement Jon and Stephen receive from the rest of the team ranges from thoughtful to hilarious. ... Mostly hilarious.
    Don't make me come back up there and get you!
    Don't make my wife come back up there and get you!
    If you don't make it, how does the 'Tad Report' sound? Just a thought!
  • Colbert is pretty unfazed by being a floating, disembodied spirit.
    Colbert: "Okay, looking back, you might have been right about the 'both of us dying' thing.
    Colbert: "I float corrected."