Funny / Evil Con Carne

  • Everything about "Gridlocked and Loaded"...
    • Any time Hector complains about sitting in the back seat.
    • Hector constantly having to put up Tony, a nerdy new recruit who is always worrying about the condition of his beloved cat.
    Tony: Sock it to me!
    Hector: (beat) Please don't ever say "Sock it to me" in front of me again.
    • Hector kicking Ghastly's seat and trying to frame Tony for it.
    • The scene where Ghastly plays a tape with "sentimental claptrap" on the radio, with Ghastly singing to the song, Hector joining in and singing off-key, Boskov howling incessantly, and Tony crying his eyes out. Eventually, Skarr gets so annoyed by them all that he rips out the radio and throws it out the window.
  • The ending to "No No Nanook", where Hector's attempt to send the world into an ice age ends up destroying gravity, he and Skarr get abducted by aliens who also have see-through brains and stomachs, and the entire cast joins in for a round of "The Drunken Sailor".
    Hector: Great, my day is complete.