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Funny: Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • The dragon the Devourer cult is using to freeze up Korthos is being controlled by a mind flayer named Drastix Achthend. In Draconic, this translates to "dragon food."
  • The person that respecs your feats is named... Fred.
  • The quests Delirium and Acute Delirium(which take place in the same inn) are full of these moments. Due to interaction with creatures from Xoriat, the realm of madness, you: teach a key a lesson, have a drinking contest with beholders, fight hambies(zombie ham), can grief an Elder Beholder that wants to solve a tile puzzle, fight puzzle tiles, escort beds and bookcases to form an airship, travel to Xoriat in the airship while holding off beholders from boarding said ship, and going into a giant beholder to receive the scepter that caused all of this.
    • You forgot the best part: to escape said giant beholder you have to make him puke you and your party back up.
    • Also, the dialogue from the mimic that ate the scepter, the Dungeon Master, and the beholders make this quest even more hilarious.
  • In the quest Siegebreaker, there's a rest shrine located in a disgusting pool where the enemy have been using it as an open air bathroom. If you're not careful and fall in, you get hit with a debuff called "What's That Smell?". And the ledges around it are VERY small.
    • In the same quest, detonating the Droaam bombs spawns two optional minibosses, a kobold and an ogre named Brinky and Pain respectively. Their dialogue ends with:
      Pain: What are we going to do now, Brinky?
      Brinky: The same thing we do every day, Pain. Take over the world!
    • Yet another one from Siegebreaker; there is a (rather fat) half-orc miniboss named Skinny. He's the cook, and has an attack called Frying Pan in Face, complete with sound effects, a brief stun effect, and about twelve points of damage.
  • All of the Kobold dialogue in the Challenge Packs.
  • Otto's Sphere of Dancing . It's a disco ball floating in the air that....................makes nearly everything break into dance. It lasts up to 80 seconds.
  • From general chat:
    No amount of alcohol will help you forget The Pit
  • From Irrestone Inlet, when you kill the boss, Yaaryar "Yaaryar shrieks furiously, 'I'll kill you! Kill you all... grrghh....' Then he dies, effectively calling his own bluff."
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