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Funny: Dramacon
  • Sexy Joe. That is all. Particularly his return in the third book.
  • Book 2:
    (the group is entering the J-Pop Dance)
    Monica: Hell-o pretty boys! Mama is IN THE HOUSE!
    Raj: If anyone asks, we don't know her.
    Hyu-Jeong: Know who?
  • From Book 3:
    (Beth is drawing peacefully by herself when...)
    Monica: (offscreen) HEY BETH!
    (cut to Christie, Hyu-Jeong, Monica, and Raj striking a dramatic pose)
    Beth: (to the person at the next table) I don't know those people.
    (The girls Glomp Beth)
  • The "man in a schoolgirl outfit with hairy legs" Christie sees in Book 1 becomes a Brick Joke in Book 2, when Bethany sees the exact same thing. Christie, at this point a con veteran, tells her it could've been worse. Beth asks how, and Christie responds that he "could've dropped his heart-shaped wand and bent over to pick it up." Cue the sound of Beth's brain cracking in two.
  • From Book 2: Monica demands to know if Beth uses magic fairy pixie dust on her art to make it so good, and if so, where can she get some?
    • And Beth's response, "Magic fairy pixie dust? Um, no..."
  • A Funny Background Event from Book 3. On page 121, amid the many faceless con goers, one of them has got on a wig with curly ringlets... and visible chin stubble.
  • Random Tool of Author Revenge. It's such a random scene, but it shows that Svetlana loves to have fun with her characters.
  • Some of the bonuses in the manga volumes. It has a lot of interactions between Svetlana and her characters, mostly Christie and Matt.
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