Headscratchers / Drama Con

  • Something about the racist kid's tirade doesn't make sense...Okay, so first he says that real manga is made in Japan, by a Japanese person. Then he suggests that Bethany can't be a manga artist because "she's not even white!" But Japanese people aren't usually considered "white," are they?
    • They're certainly whiter than Beth is.
    • I'd figure that either he was talking without thinking about what he was saying, or if he meant what he said then he figured that whites doing manga is bad, but blacks doing manga is one step lower.
      • He IS basically intended to stand in for all the annoying little internet twelve year olds who think they know everything.
    • Sadly, there actually ARE people who think that way — as if non-Japanese people doing manga is bad, but non-white people doing manga is even worse. The kid was basically a weeaboo, and they frequently take that stance — it's illogical, but they aren't exactly known for their sanity.
  • Who exactly was it that picked up Matt's phone when Christie called him that one time?
    • Presumably, Emily.
    • But Matt and Emily didn't get together until three months before the second convention, It also seemed like Christie called him not long after the first convention.