Ho Yay / Dramacon

  • Sandra and Greta can be seen holding hands and even sharing a bed in the background, but nothing is ever explicitly stated, at least not in the manga itself. Though sharing beds during conventions, at least, is pretty standard procedure. Greta also quietly calls Sandra "love" at one point.
  • Sandra is obsessed with dressing Christie up, and even made an outfit just for her despite only seeing her several times in the past.
  • Emily is rather... fixated with Christie in volume three.
  • Beth serves as Derek's replacement after the first book. To what extent exactly...?
    • Beth's does have a habit of hiding things from her mother...
    • Christie and Beth basically function as Heterosexual Life-Partners.
  • On that note, Monica and Hyu-Jeong? Is there a single panel with one and not the other?
  • Christie's shoulder-residing angel and devil seem to share some foe yay as well, and weren't they in a tub together at some point...?