Awesome / Dramacon

  • In the second volume, Bethany and Lida encounter a ten-year old manga purist who begins arguing with Lida about how her stuff's "not manga". Lida keeps getting the last word in quite effortlessly, so the kid begins screaming and cursing that Lida's not Japanese, so she can't make manga. And Bethany can't make manga either, because she's "not even white". The kid's mom shows up, addresses him by his first name, and orders him to apologize. When he doesn't, she grounds him and says that they're leaving the con. The mom asks to buy a copy of Wary City and have him read it. When Bethany explains it's 13+ and not for kids his age, the mom just smiles and asks for two copies. Bonus points for Beth and how she managed to keep her cool throughout the whole thing.
    • As she's dragging her son away, the mother says, "Now there's a decent person you could stand to learn something from!"
  • After dealing with rude artist alley neighbors for the duration of the second book, Bethany almost loses it when the unnamed woman with glasses makes a snide comment about how the "ass kissing" to Lida Zeff paid off. Bethany completely tenses and looks as if she's about to lunge at the girl, before relaxing herself. The girl angrily asks if Beth is crazy. Beth had this to say:
    Bethany (smiling): ...there was a bug on your face. I was going to get it for you.
    (Monica, Hyu-Jeong, and Raj appear behind Bethany)
    Monica: I think it's still there. You should really have a go.
    Hyu-Jeong: With a chair. It covers more bitch area. You just can't miss.
    • And then immediately after wishing Beth goodbye, Monica, Raj, and Hyu-Jeong all turn to the girl in glasses.
      Monica (Hands clasped and smiling evilly): That was our friend you were harrassing just now. Welcome to the rest of your day in the artist alley with us.
  • Matt deals with Derek properly:
    "Touch her again, and I will break your arms."