Funny / Doraemon

There are plenty given the format and genre of the series. Here are some of the notable ones.
  • In one story, Nobita ate special sweet potatoes that, when ingested, allows him to sing using farts. Doraemon forgot to tell him not to take more than one, however, and the resulting Fartillery rockets him past his own house... from his friend's.
  • In another, Nobita is given a "strengthening spray" that could strengthen anything that is sprayed of. From studying speed, running speed, the humorous intensity of comics, RC car speed, and... when it comes to Gian, the spray runs out after his butt is sprayed. Then Gian is launched after what supposed to be a small fart.
  • In the Nobita and the Winged Braves movie, when they first fall into the birds' world, Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka, are attacked by crow soldiers that call them "two humans and a cat," both of which are the natural enemies of birds. Doraemon's only reaction to this is to cry in joy since someone finally called him a cat.
  • In the 2011 remake Nobita and the New Steel Troops ~Angel Wings~, Doraemon uses a Translation Jelly on Judo, the brain unit of Zanda Claus note , as Judo communicated in Morse Code-like beeps. However, Judo's angry ranting causes him to bounce, knocking off the Translation Jelly, causing Nobita to put it back on him four times until the boys finally blow up on Judo, yelling at him that there's no way they could communicate with a bowling ball.
    • And then when Judo is transformed into a baby chick, the boys fawn over his cuteness... only to become irritated when they find that his personality had remained the same.
    • Doraemon, Nobita, and Lilulu commenting how small and plain Noby's house is, to Tamako's chagrin.
    • Earlier Judo causes trouble to Tamako by rolling in her way causing her to stumble over him and fall flat on her face. This irritates her so much that she throws him into the tool shed and locks him up.
    • When the gang is getting food from the supermarket in the mirror world, Gian teases Pippo by comparing him with a wind-up chick which Pippo protests that he is not this small. What really sells it is that the wind-up exactly mimics his wing-flapping.
  • In a moment of visual humor, Suneo is running around in a state of total panic after Shizuka has gone missing in Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King, while Jian is speaking with a guard. At one point, Jian just lifts his arm and clutches Suneo into place, without looking up nor saying a word.
  • In the English dub's episode "Battle of the Dueling Nobys", Suneo (Sneech) teases Nobita (Noby) saying that he can only assemble model toys like his robot that are meant "for ages dumb to dumber".
    • The entire episode is about Noby abusing the time machine in order to decide whether to buy a robot model kit or ten servings of Thing-o-Noodles. When the Time Paradox he gets himself into resolves itself, he's left with... a Thing-o-Noodles model kit.
      • Noby's internal conflict is represented by a robot fighting a giant cup of Thing-o-Noodles. And the noodles win.
    • From the same episode, when Doraemon is forced by Noby into using his time machine to travel back into the past to prevent him from buying the noodles, he utters this gem...
      Doraemon: I just want the hands of fate to know I'm doing this under protest.
  • In the episode "Robotic Balloon", when Gian is practicing singing in his room, Ms. Goda comes in and shouts at him to stop singing as it's the worst. When Gian tries to argue, she uses his microphone to tell him to stop.
  • In the English dub, Noby's hilariously wrong answers to his U.S. history quiz using the Sequence Spray:
    Q: Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
    A: At the bottom.

    Q: In what year was the United States of America founded?
    A: Two thousand and fourteen years ago.

    Q: What is the Gettysburg Address?
    Q: Which country was leading the communist nation during the Cold War?
    A: Iceland.

    Q: List some contributing factors to the Great Depression.
    A: Big G's bullying, best friend is a robot cat.
  • When Noby states that he's worried about failing his two tests in "Memory Bread", Doraemon responds with "So, it'll be like all your other tests?"
  • Whoever's responsible for writing the text in the English version is having way too much fun with his job, because they are a hoot.
  • From the 2006 version of ''Nobita's Dinosaur", Doraemon tries to "kindly watch over" Nobita.
    • The goofy-looking eyes on the Tyrannosaurus after it eats Doraemon's Momotaro Dango.