Headscratchers: Doraemon

  • Why hasn't anyone fansubbed the anime version (besides the first few episodes of the first show and a few movies)? There must be SOMEONE out there who: knows Japanese, has children, and wants them to be able to read a hardcover book in one weekend.
    • Maybe the producers haven't realized how important these stories are to their fans overseas.
  • Just why is Noby/Nobita friends with Gian and Suneo?! Yeah, I understand the whole The Friend Nobody Likes thing where if he tried to get rid of them they'd find it insulting and make him sorry, but aren't they mostly assholes to him either way?
    • A sad truth of childhood is that sometimes, you just want somebody to hang out with, even if you know they're going to bully, belittle, demean, and deride you. Nobita is the kind of friend that's such a loser and such a dork nobody would really want to be friends with him (I know how harsh that sounds, but look at it from a child's perspective), so he hangs out with the only people who'll give him the time of day—even though they're only hanging out with him so they can prey upon him.
    • Makes sense, I guess. But now that I think about it, why does Suneo put up with Gian? It's been implied several times Suneo is his sidekick only because he's too scared of the guy's wrath to protest. If you're the richest kid in the city, surely you or your parents could use the legal system against a bully who physically damages you repeatedly.
  • Just a little something I'm curious about. You know how Doraemon and his robot pals from the spin-off go to school, hold jobs, and are as sentient as humans? Have any of the mangas or animes dealt with What Measure Is a Non-Human?,Fantastic Racism or Just a Machine ? Say, would a robo-kitty be legally a mere piece of electric equipment to whomever buys him/her, or more like a servant/employee? The Nobi's may treat Doraemon like family, but what if an owner was not so open minded? I know it's a just a kids show, but I've seen a million of these plots in other family shows involving robots.