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Characters: Doraemon
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    The main five 



Voiced by: Kosei Tomita, Masako Nozawa (1973), Nobuyo Oyama (1979 - 2005), Wasabi Mizuta (2005 - ) (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)

The titular character. He is a cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, and is sent back in time by Sewashi to aid Nobita.

Nobita Nobi (Noby)

Arguably the protagonist of the story, a young, loser boy who is always at an end of school bully, jealousy, or his own's selfishness, and always relis on Doraemon's gadget as his solution to a problem rather than improving himself. Though he is notable more kind and heroic than the race of the gang when a situation calls.

Voiced by: Yoshiko Ota (1973), Noriko Ohara (1979 - 2005), Megumi Ohara (2005 - ) (Japanese), Johnny Yong Bosch (English)

Shizuka Minamoto (Sue)

Voiced by: Masako Ebisu (1973), Michiko Nomura (1979 - 2005), Yumi Kakazu (2005 - ) (Japanese), Cassandra Lee (English)

The local Love Interest who is popular among every boy in town. Has stereotypical Yamato Nadeshiko characteristic of kind, caring, and feminine. Perhaps the only flaw about her is her dreadful violin skills. She loves bathing.

Takeshi Goda aka Giant (Big G)

Voiced by: Kaneta Kimotsuki (1973), Kazuya Tatekabe (1979 - 2005), Subaru Kimura (April 2005 - ) (Japanese), Kaiji Tang (English)

The local big, bad bully who is known for his brawn, his dreadful singing ability, and his tendency to get things by his ways. Acts as The Brute of the gang. The only person Giant is truly afraid of is his mother.

Suneo Honekawa (Sneech)

Voiced by: Shun Yashiro (1973), Kaneta Kimotsuki (1979 - 2005), Tomokazu Seki (April 2005 - ) (Japanese), Brian Beacock (English)

A son of a rich family is never runs short of showing off his wealth. Usually finds enjoyment in bullying Nobita, as he intentionally doesn't invite him to several of his family vacation. Though rich and trickery, he is physically very short and is a coward.

    Friends and Relatives 

Tamako Nobi (Tammy)

Voiced by: Noriko Ohara (1973), Sachiko Chijimatsu (1979 - March 2005), Kotono Mitsuishi (April 2005 -) (Japanese), Mari Devon (English)
Young Tamako is voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami

Nobita's mom. Tend to have bad mood because of her son's educational performance. She hates every sort of pet.

Nobisuke Nobi (Toby)

Voiced by: Ichirou Murakoshi (1973), Masayuki Kato (1979 - October 1992), Yousuke Naka (October 1992 - March 2005), Yasunori Matsumoto (April 2005 -) (Japanese), Tony Oliver (English)
Young Nobisuke is voiced by: Noriko Ohara (1979 and 1987), Eiko Yamada (1984 - 1985), Yumiko Kobayashi (2005)

Nobita's dad, whose childhood somewhat resembles his son's. He is usually portrayed as Nobita's voices of reason and morality, as he seems to be nicer toward him compared to other adults.

Mrs. and Mr. Minamoto

Mrs. Minamoto voiced by: Keiko Yokozawa (1979 - 1981), Masako Matsubara (August 1981 - March 2005), Ai Orikasa (April 2005 -)
Mr. Minamoto voiced by: Masayuki Kato (1979 - 1980), Masaru Ikeda (1981), Akira Kume (1999), Aruno Tahara (2005 -)

  • Education Mama: Applies to all main character's mother but mostly to Shizuka's.
  • Housewife: Mrs. Minamoto
  • Memento MacGuffin: Mrs. Minamoto has a pearl necklace given to her by her husband as a wedding gift, which she gives to Shizuka as a wedding present.
  • No Name Given

Mrs. and Mr. Honekawa

Mrs. Honekawa is voiced by: Kazue Takahashi (1973), Yoshino Otori (1979 - March 1991), Mari Yoko (April 1991 - March 2005), Minami Takayama (April 2005 -) (Japanese), Dorothy Elias Fahn (English)
Mr. Honekawa is voiced by: Osmau Katou (1979 - March 2005), Kaneta Kimotsuki (May 1989 - January 1990), Hideyuki Tanaka (June 2005 -)

Mrs. and Mr. Goda

Mrs. Goda voiced by: Kazuyo Aoki (1979 - March 2005), Miyako Takeuchi (April 2005 -) (Japanese), Jessica Gee (English)
Mr. Goda voiced by: Masayuki Kato (1979-1980), Yu Shimaka (1983, 1993), Daisuke Gōri (November 1987) (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)


Voiced by: Keiko Yokozawa (1979 - March 2005), Chiaki Fujimoto (September 2006 -) Wendee Lee (English)

Doraemon's sister, who tends to be more sensible and strict compared to her brother. She loves melon buns and hates cockroaches. In the Doraemons series, she is portrayed as Dora the Kid's Tsundere girlfriend.

Hidetoshi Dekisugi (Ace Goody)

Voiced by: Sumiko Shirakawa (1980 - March 2005), Shihoko Hagino (TV Asahi Announcer, May 2005 -), Shinya Otaki (adult) (Japanese), Spike Spencer (English)

The Smart Guy who serves as a complete opposite character of Nobita.

Jaiko (Little G)

Voiced by: Yoshiko Ota (1979), Kazuyo Aoki (1980 - March 2005), Vanilla Yamazaki (April 2005 - ) (Japanese), Minae Noji (English)

Giant's chubby little sister. Initially portrayed as the gong, but has more characterization as the show goes on. She is interested in arts and celebrities.
  • Ascended Extra: Was created as a foil of Shizuka and to show how miserable Nobita's life will become, but she gets more characterizations over time.
  • Gonk
  • Morality Pet: Of her brother Giant.
  • Sequential Artist: Her hobby is making amateur manga, which Giant like to... aggresively publish despite its quality. Understandable as she's still in grade school, but some one-shot characters noted that she had potential.
  • Supreme Chef: In subversion to Giant's Lethal Chef status, Jaiko's cooking, while look inedible, is actually quite delicious.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: A lot. She even attempts to stop Ganko from sawing off Doraemon Voodoo Doll's head (which will saw off the real one's as well), oppose to suggest one in the original manga.

    The Doraemons 

The Doraemons

Dora the Kid

A cowboy robot who was recruited as a sheriff officer in the Old West era, fighting crimes and arrest robbers. He is notable more Hot Blood and reckless than the rest.


A chinese robot who specializes in kung-fu.


A silent and stoic actor robot who has a special ability. Whenever he sees a round object, he turns into a werewolf as his scarf falls off and unleashes the best within.


An ace striker of a Brazillian football club. Always seen with the ball, which he also uses as the weapon of choice.

Doramed III

An Arabian robot who wears inconic turban and clothing. He grows physically larger as he becomes angry.

El Matadora

A Spanish matador fighter who works in a local restuarant, though he also takes another job as a super hero with a secret identity.

    Movie's Character 1980- 1985 


Nobota's dinosaur pet in Nobita's Dinosaur that Nobita secretly adopts. As Pisuke grows larger, Nobita and Doraemon cannot keep him in the present day, thus he is sent back to his era. But because of the time machine's mulfunctioning due to the Big Bad's attack, Pisuke is released at American sea instead of Japanese. The heroes have to travel back to deliver him into the proper place as well as to protect him from the time pirates.

  • Seldom Seen Species: A Futubasaurus in the 2006 remake. In the original, however, he is a generic plesiosaur.



Miyoko Mangetsu

The female protagonist of Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld. In the parallel universe created with the "What-If" Telephone Booth, Miyoko is a dauther of a famous magician. She and her father finds out that demons from outer space are trying to invade the world. He father is kidnapped, and she's cursed into a cat. To rescue her father and to defeat the demon's army, Miyoko recruits Doraemon, Nobita and Co's into her quest into the demon's home world. In the remake, she appears to be a scientist in the real world.

  • Badass Adorable: Fights as a cat on two feet.
  • Cool Sword
  • Fanservice: Gets tied up in a rather awkward position.
  • Involuntary Shape Shifting: As a cat, and only returns to normal under the moonlight, and after the demons lift her curse upon captive.
  • Implied Love Interest: She is implied to like Nobita.
  • Legendary Weapon: Her Silver Arrows, which end up doen't work because the gang's using them at the wrong spot. The Demon Lord's heart is not on his body, but rather a giant planet in space.
  • Missing Mom: Only brought up in the remake, where Medusa turns out to be her mother.

    Movie's Character 1986- 1990 


Voiced by: Yuriko Yamamoto (1986) Miyuki Sawashiro (2009)

A mysterious girl who appears before Nobita asking him about robot parts that he has been collecting recently. It is revealed that she is a female robotic spy sent to Earth to scout the area and build a robot army to take over the world. Though because she has befriended Shizuka, she begins to cast doubt on her commander and her race.

Zanda Claus

Originally named "Jude", Zanda Claus is a giant robot assembled by Nobita and Doraemon as its parts are summoned at their yard as its AI controller has slipped into their house and has been locked away accidentally by Nobita's mother. While the robot is initially controlled with Doraemon's gadget controller, the AI eventually returns to the bot.


One of Suneo's radio controlled robot which has been given its own AI personality with Doraemon's gadget. Like its owner, Micross appears to be cowardly and all-talk.

    Movie's Character 1991- 1995 

    Movie's Character 1996- 2000 


A little boy that crash on the same island with Nobita. Despite difference in languages they managed to be friend.


Jack's elder sister that come to rescue her missing father and brother. A companion of Captain Kid. In love with Gian and his voice.

Captain Kid

Betty's companion and her father best friend.


The prince of a Mayan kingdom and Nobita's look-alike. He sought to defeat Ledina to bring back his mother who was cursed into an eternal sleep by the sorceress.


Theo's personal maid and childhood friend. Mistakens Nobita as her prince for their similar looks. She serves as Theo's Morality Pet, Distressed Damsel, and his love interest.


The Bigbad of Nobita and the Legend of the Sun King. An evil sorceress who wants to use Theo as a human sacrifice in a ritual for preserving her immortality.

    Movie's Character 2000- 2005 


A child robot that come to Earth due to the accident that occurred when he and his mother tried to escape from the guard robots. He saved the gang from Suneo's malfunctioned pet robot robot but got injured in the process so the gang journeys to his world to find a way to repair him.

Queen Jeanne

The ruler of the Robot Kingdom who was behind the order to remove the robots' emotions.

Dr. Chapek




A mysterious wind spirit born from an egg that hatched in Suneo's garden (and subsequently destroyed his radio car in process) that befriended Nobita. Has a doll form of Dorakukkoo that she spend most of the movie stayed in. Her true identity is one of the three parts of the Demon Wind Dragon, Mafuga.
  • Blow You Away
  • Heroic Sacrifice
  • Meaningful Name: Fuuko mean Child of Wind. Of course, Nobita knew what it meant when he named her.
  • Name's the Same: In one of the manga chapters, Doraemon gives Nobita an artificial egg that hatches a baby typhoon, also named Fuuko. She performs a Heroic Sacrifice at the end of said chapter as well, sacrificing herself to fight back a typhoon that was about to hit Japan.


    Movie's Character 2006- 2010 

Princess Lire



Princess/Queen Sofia

A cute and beautiful mermaid princess/queen who accidentally slips into Tokyo via Doraemon's Imaginary Sea gadget. She is destined to lead and protect her hometown against the alien invasion using the legendary sword and armor.

    Movie's Character 2011-Present 


Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (2011)

His real name is Judo and is actually the brain unit of Zanda Claus in Nobita and the New Steel Troops ~Angel Wings~.

  • Atrocious Alias: Pippo is the combination of "pi po", a Japanese onomatopoeia for the electronic "beeps". note  He doesn't like it. Noibta gave him the name due to Judo making "pi pi po po" sounds before they transformed him with the Translation Jelly, plus Nobita reasoned that it was a much cuter name compared to "Judo".* At the end before Pippo Disappears into Light, he tells Nobita that he loves the name.
  • Badass Adorable: Has the appearance of a baby chick and has an amazing singing voice, but have him in control of his Zanda Claus mech, he's a walking force of destruction.
  • Berserk Button: Don't imply that he's trash within his hearing range, especially when he's in his Humongous Mecha body.
  • Cry Cute: When he breaks down after his epic rant about humanity being taken over by the Steel Troops, his crying is enough to almost make you want to hug the poor guy.
  • Heel-Face Turn: A more natural one compared to the 1986 version.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When told by Riruru that her reprogramming their equivalent of robotic Adam and Eve - Amu and Emu - in the past would mean wiping out their existence in the present, he accepted it and kept fighting against the Steel Troops.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter
  • Japanese Pronouns: Uses boku.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong
  • Redemption Equals Death / Redemption Earns Life: Knew full well that he'll cease to exist when the past is changed, but in the end is reborn, appearing as an adult Phoenix-like bird.
  • Took a Level in Kindness
  • Tsundere: Type A. Like the Steel Troops, he has a hatred of humanity, but time spent with Nobita and the gang softens him. Nobita telling him that he doesn't want to fight him causes him to break down and cement his Heel-Face Turn.
  • Verbal Tic: "Piyo", an onomatopoeia of "cheep". Which incidentally leads to his Atrocious Alias

    Character from the Doraemons 


Wandora's sweet girlfriend who is a robot nurse.

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