Funny / Clock Tower

  • One route in the second game has you walk in on a brightly lit room, and the Scissorman sitting in a rocking chair, watching cartoons and laughing his ass off.
  • Scary as he is in the second game, you can momentarily incapacitate the Scissorman in some pretty silly ways, including:
    • Whacking him with an umbrella.
    • Throwing a bedsheet at him.
    • Slamming a saucepan on his head, causing him to stumble around like a blind Buckethead.
    • In the Barrows castle, clinging onto the false door as he rushes into oblivion trying to get to you.
  • Some of the ways that Bobby can spawn in the first game can be hilarious in a Narm way. One such instance is Jennifer pressing a few keys on the piano only for Bobby to drop from the ceiling onto the keys and inching his way towards Jennifer while still on the piano.
  • The way you avoid Scissorwoman in Clock Tower 3. It's Comedic Sociopathy at its finest. As The Dark Id put it, "I guess the concept of 'backing up' hadn't been invented yet."

Alternative Title(s): Clock Tower 1995