Funny / Clock Tower

  • One route in the second game has you walk in on a brightly lit room, and the Scissorman sitting in a rocking chair, watching cartoons and laughing his ass off.
  • Scary as he is in the second game, you can momentarily incapacitate the Scissorman in some pretty silly ways, including:
    • Whacking him with an umbrella.
    • Throwing a bedsheet at him.
    • Slamming a saucepan on his head, causing him to stumble around like a blind Buckethead.
    • In the Barrows castle, clinging onto the false door as he rushes into oblivion trying to get to you.
  • Some of the ways that Bobby can spawn in the first game can be hilarious in a Narm way. One such instance is Jennifer pressing a few keys on the piano only for Bobby to drop from the ceiling onto the keys and inching his way towards Jennifer while still on the piano.