Heartwarming / Clock Tower

  • Lotte. Just...Lotte. Instead of running and hiding like the other girls, Lotte will either save Jennifer at the cost of her own life or discover a way to stop the Scissorman and use her last breath to tell Jennifer how. She could have hid away like the other girls or tried to save herself, but instead she resolves to save her friends the best she can. It's because of her that Jennifer lives.
  • Helen and Jennifer's embrace in Ending A of Jennifer's scenario. They've been through hell and suffered through the deaths and torment brought on by Scissorman, but now that he's gone they're just filled with relief and joy. The nightmare is finally over.
  • Allen/Takashi might be an asshole, but there is no doubt he absolutely loves Alyssa/Yu.
    "I... I loved you as if you were my very own daughter. I never thought of you as a tool to harm anyone."
  • The end of each stage in the fourth game, when Alyssa puts the spirits to rest.
  • Nancy protecting Alyssa, even in death.
  • Dennis might be goofy, but he has a big heart and is a true friend to Alyssa. He comforts her throughout the game, promising to stay by her side and help her in anyway he can, and when he gets kidnapped by the Scissortwins, he tells Alyssa to forget about him and save herself. Not to mention he saves her at the end and nearly died trying to take on Burroughs.