Funny / Captain SNES: The Game Masta

  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus: take a look at the actions Alex can do with button A when he discovers he has the Super Scope.
  • Virtually everything about the Fat Chocobo arc.
    • For starters, the sudden mood shift when Parom is talking about how much she loves Fat Chocobo only for him to break her simply by saying "Fuck off.
    • Fat Chocobo spends the entire comic bragging about how much he's going to kick Alex's ass only for Alex to tell Fat Chocobo to wait while they go train for the fight, then saying it's okay leave him alone because he's too fat to move anyways. After a beat, Fat Chocobo sheads a single tear.
    Alex's Inner Monolouge: Oh come on! I did not fucking made him cry!
    • And finally, the team spends more time discussing game and battle mechanices and Fat Chocobo gets increasingly annoyed at being ignored.
  • The conclusion of Cid's daughter's story about her father's wooing of her mother. Between the genuineness of the Family-Unfriendly Aesop delivered, the mass horrified look of everyone, and Kainazzo's Even Evil Has Standards moment.
    Kainazzo!Cecil: That was almost certainly the worst story I've ever heard. It offended even my morals and sensibilities.
  • Eggplant Wizard's breakdown.
  • When Alex is faced with his cynicism - a naked Alanis Morissette covered with a censor bar - he remembers that he had a crush on her... until he saw a video where she was naked, and realizes her ultimate attack must be taking her censor bar off. He promptly surrenders.
  • Captain SNES: The Game Masta makes his jailor wish he had some Brain Bleach.
  • In the Webcomic Captain SNES Chrono Trigger Rip Off crossover, Captain SNES taking out Lavos Magus with SNES's Fruit Pies laced with Chocopectate
  • Round 8 of the Date Captain SNES contest. Luigi activates Negative Zone at the same time that Alanis Morisette activates her Power of Irony. This breaks reality. We don't get to see all of what ensues, but a philosophical President Tyrannosaurus is involved.
  • Mario's refusal to help Megaman against a giant radioactive Q-bert rampaging through Nexus because Megaman's "tried everything he could think of" didn't involve jumping on his head. Mario knows how this works.
    • That is, in fact, exactly how the giant radioactive Q-bert is eventually defeated. Always listen to Mr. Red 'Stache.
  • "If there's anyone in Videoland I can trust, it's Dr Light! (Ominous lightning) I, um... Might wanna rethink that. Or maybe it's a mistake? (More lightning) FUCK YOU TOO, VIDEOLAND!"
  • Some guards run into an escaped King Hippo-I mean, ABRAHAM LINCOLN! SIXTEENTH PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!
    • And not only do the guards buy his alibi (traveling through time and fighting the LLL-er, KKK), they ask him for an autograph, warn him not to see My American Cousin and he fools the Brain Lord, aka "The smartest person in all of Videoland".
      • Turns out everyone's obliviousness is justified, as Hippo is using an ancient technique taught by great masters. The name of the technique? Niht Repap.
  • Samus implanted a behavior modifying chip in Eggplant Wizard which prevents him from acting against her or making puns by shocking him when he tries. However, she also put a safety feature in which shocks him into unconsciousness when she says two words. Two words she specifically chose because nobody would ever say them together accidentally. Sweet Christmas.