Funny / Carpe Diem

  • Josh's reactions to whenever a guy begins to hit on him. Heck, his reaction to when girls start hitting on him are hilarious. He always gets so flustered, though he tries to stay calm.
  • Rodney's stories of... past boyfriend tend to be rather amusing. Especially the one where he decided it was over once his boyfriend started asking to be breast fed.
  • The scene where Burt discover's Kevin has a Hello Kitty thong. There is much teasing from Burt's end, and it ends with Burt leaving the thong on a frazzled Kevin's muzzle and taking photographic evidence of it.
  • The fact that Trent pretended he was taking his brother into an adult club, when in fact it was for all ages. He had done it all out of a desire to make him look like he could do anything for his brother.
    • Also the fact that Josh never realized that it wasn't an adult club he had gone into.