Funny: Breath of Fire

  • For a serious guy, Garr is involved in quite a few. Getting beaten by Deis, the Checkpoint encounter where he claims Nina is his daughter, and the reactions to Ryu's wrong answers before facing Gaist are the best examples.
    • Beyd's cameo in IV. It's not hard to forget how he ended up in that game.
    • Ershin gets more than a few, due to being a Third-Person Person.
    • Try not to laugh at Scias's goofy smiles.
      • Or his explanation on just what a "Fairy Drop" actually is.
  • As mentioned in the Revive Kills Zombie page, in III or IV you can run into a group of Zombies lead by a Zombie Doctor. Beat up on his goons enough, and he'll unleash the game's most powerful healing spell...and probably obliterate himself and his entire force. Umm, oops?
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