Awesome / Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire I

  • The introduction has excellent music and does a great job of setting up the story.

Breath of Fire IV

  • Cray decking Yuna so hard the latter craters the wall in the manga.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

  • The first time D-Dive activates. This is made awesome by the fact that Bosch has first Knee Capped Ryu by fencing-foil, then has run it through his windpipe when this happens.
  • And in the final battle of Dragon Quarter, Ryu pushes his D-counter to 100% and is still unable to defeat Chetryre, but rather then give in to death, he literally goes past his own limits and engages in a truely epic Beam-O-War that concludes when Ryu reaches 167% and utterly crushes the living Weapon of Mass Destruction.
  • Beating Dover for the first time certainly qualifies.