Fridge / Breath of Fire

Fridge Brilliance
  • At first I thought the method of winning the final battle of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (maintaining a Beam-O-War until your meter reaches 100%, something you've been trying to avoid for the entire game that usually results in a Non-Standard Game Over) was a Guide Dang It! leading into a cliche. It wasn't until later that I realized it was actually a Heroic Sacrifice on the part of the player. You can only win by giving literally all you have, beyond the point where you should be dead. - Socran
    • Dragon Quarter expects you to die and rewards you for quitting by making the next playthrough much easier while showing more cutscenes. Most people didn't realize this and tried to do it in one sitting and grew frustrated with the difficulty. The same team who designed this also designed Dead Rising, which has a similar "restart game to get stronger" mechanic. —Chadius

  • In Breath of Fire III, Momo's outfit looks completely out of place compared to everyone else's in the world. Sure, most of the characters are unique, but there's no other character who has Momo's poofy style, not even other scholars and scientists. It seems out of place, until you realize that she's holding a cannon- and therefore working with explosives on a regular basis. It's a bomb disposal suit.

  • Franchise wide, or at least 1-3. In Breath of Fire 1, the goddess is sealed and it is a major plot point of undoing that. Breath of Fire 2 deals with fighting something the goddess left behind, something that claims it cannot truly by killed, then in Breath of Fire 3 you find Deis sealed and plot requires her to be freed in order to stop Myria. The fridge part is when you think about how the goddess was first sealed using the Goddess Keys. Who has the kind of mojo to make something that can seal a god? Her sister of course. If Deathevan's ability to not stay dead is inherited from his mom then Myria would be coming back eventually, even if it took centuries/millenia. What does she do when she comes back from the dead? Seal Deis and murder all the Dragons out of revenge.

  • The third game even connects back to one in another way. The reason BOF 1!Ryu had to get the equipment to unlock his other dragon forms is because after the Goddess War, the Light Dragons were actively afraid of their own power and sealed them. Cue BOF 3 were Myria has a crusade against the Dragons by telling thins they are strong enough to end the world. Just like in BOF 1, BOF 3 requires the assistance of an elder dragon to unlock the Kaiser Dragon, they just made it plot required this time.