Funny / Big Bang

On stage, they present themselves as strong and charismatic. Offstage however, not so much.
  • Seungri and other members' attempts to wake up G-Dragon and T.O.P.
  • When the group finally appeared on Weekly Idol. Highlights include:
    • Not taking the sped-up dance segment seriously. It was too hilarious to the point that GD couldn't do his part and they had to stop the song.
    • Their individual red carpet entrances at the beginning of the episode while driving a tiny car.
  • In general, whenever Seungri gets bullied by his hyungs.
  • Daesung annoying T.O.P during their appearance on Family Outing by repeatedly nagging his cooking.
  • Their cover of 2NE1's I Love You, especially whenever T.O.P "oohs."
  • Whenever they do a parody of a Korean Drama such as Secret Garden, Boys over Flowers, and The First Shop Of Coffee Prince.
    • Highlights from their Secret Garden parody include:
      • T.O.P's character Wootop imagining his ideal girl compete with GD cross-dressing and constantly changing costumes to modify certain characteristics.
      • The events that happened after Wootop and GD's character G Raim having a "Freaky Friday" Flip by drinking a potion.
      • Just Daesung in general. Especially with the SMELL.
      • G Raim getting hit by a car for faster story development.