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Funny: Billy Joel
  • In 2000 when Hillary Clinton announced her intention to run for the US Senate, she intended to have Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" played at the conference. Due to a mixup with a confused staffer and a copy of 'Billy's Joel's Greatest Hits Volume 1' instead of playing track 5, they ended up playing track 2- "Captain Jack", which is about a life ruined by heroin dependancy. Whoops.
  • During a Russian concert, he flipped his shit when lights were shone on the audience. He threw a tantrum onstage (though he claims to have thrown a piano instead) and kept beating on his crew members while still performing "Sometimes a Fantasy". Singing Is A Free Action?
    Billy Joel: When am I gonna take control, get a hold of my emotions? STOP LIGHTING THE AUDIENCE! Why does it only seem to hit me in the middle of the night? STOP IT! You told me there's a number I can always dial—LET ME DO MY SHOW, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! I don't want to deal with outside action; only you can give me satisfaction...
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