Funny / Billy Joel

  • One of Joel's earliest musical efforts was being part of Attila, an early 1970s Psychedelic Rock album, whose first and only record is often called "one of the worst albums ever recorded". It's some kind of Concept Album built around Attila the Hun and features no guitars, just an organ and drums. It's an Early Installment Weirdness album that is painfully bad:
  • In 2000 when Hillary Clinton announced her intention to run for the US Senate, she intended to have Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" played at the conference. Due to a mixup with a confused staffer and a copy of 'Billy's Joel's Greatest Hits Volume 1' instead of playing track 5, they ended up playing track 2- "Captain Jack", which is about a life ruined by heroin dependancy. Whoops.
  • During a Russian concert, he flipped his shit when lights were shone on the audience. He threw a tantrum onstage (though he claims to have thrown a piano instead) and kept beating on his crew members while still performing "Sometimes a Fantasy". Singing Is A Free Action?
    Billy Joel: When am I gonna take control, get a hold of my emotions? STOP LIGHTING THE AUDIENCE! Why does it only seem to hit me in the middle of the night? STOP IT! You told me there's a number I can always dial—LET ME DO MY SHOW, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! I don't want to deal with outside action; only you can give me satisfaction...
  • Billy snarks his way through "Piano Man" line by line.