Fridge / Zombie Land

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why would supposedly savvy Columbus let other people get the drop on him twice? He knows all about zombies, not people.
  • In Columbus' flashback, he is shown playing World of Warcraft. Close examination shows that he played as a Night Elf, a race belonging to the Alliance. Apparently Columbus has been battling the Undead long before they came to his doorstep.
    "Help Zombies are after me."
    "I'll bring my hammer!"
  • Columbus didn't have Rule 31 (Check the Backseat) until after the incident in Garland. Because Rule 32 is something he picks up not long after with Tallahassee.
  • The climax is a send-up of zombie games - there's Tallahassee on the rail shooter sections on the roller coaster and the tilt-a-whirl, Columbus in the claustrophobic survival horror section in the haunted house, and the girls on the high ride with the co-op Hold the Line-style game.

Fridge Horror

  • The Reveal about Tallahassee's son is worse than initially apparent. Consider how unlikely a clean or quick death would be. And consider who would have to put the resulting zombie down.