Heartwarming / Zombieland

  • Little Rock and Tallahassee have two adorable moments: one, when he teaches her how to do long-range shots with her .22 rifle and at the end when she throws him a Twinkie. Aw.
    • An offscreen moment when Tallahasee says he wants help moving a couch to build a fort. Considering he just walked in on the only two other people in the house it's pretty obvious who he's building it with and for.
    • Of course, it's totally in character for Tallahassee to be building a fort for himself.
      • Which then makes Little Rock the person he's building it against. Still works.
  • Tallahassee nudging Wichita and motioning towards Columbus after she rather bluntly dashes his hopes of finding his parents alive. He may be Ax-Crazy at times, but still a good guy under it. She makes the connection and quickly apologises.
  • Wichita's offer to dance with Columbus. Extremely sweet.
  • Columbus standing up to his biggest fear, a goddamn CLOWN ZOMBIE, in order to save the girls.
  • Columbus' speech about his new family.
  • Wichita telling Columbus her real name.
  • Tallahassee and Columbus have an antagonistic moment (spurred by some male posturing over Wichita). Columbus sprays Tallahassee with some effeminate smelling cologne, and Tallahassee slugs him in the arm in retaliation. When Columbus is sent tumbling into a shelf, drawing Wichita's attention, Tallahassee then plays it as if Columbus knocked the shelf over on purpose, spurring him on rather than letting Wichita realize what was actually happening.