Fridge / Urusei Yatsura

  • In one manga chapter there was a pseudo-sportive competition between the classes of Tomobiki High, and Ran protested that one class had a crushing physical advantage over the others. Given the nature of the competition and the experience the students have on them, Ataru's outrageous speed, Lum's ability to fly and Mendo's arm strength weren't crushing... Then an episode showed that one of their classmates is Kenshiro. Who is faster than Ataru, stronger than Mendo, and already knows how everyone moves. Ran was protesting his presence. And the headmaster missed him (thus explaining how easily his class won).
  • Rei is never seen without his rocket pack—other Oni can fly but he can't (possibly as a side effect of his bovine lycanthropy) so it's equivalent to a human using a wheelchair. When Ataru gloats over getting to fly the school's light aircraft, Jariten thinks it's ludicrous that someone would be proud of needing to use a machine just to fly.