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Fridge: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Fridge Brilliance
  • Ganondorf's personality in this game is widely praised for giving the Thief King more depth and even lead to some sympathy for him. But, this was not only an extremely intriguing development of his character, it was necessary for his goals. It was stated in Ocarina of Time that the Triforce was split because when Ganondorf touched it, his heart was out of balance, seeking Power above all else. So he spent his time in exile contemplating where he went wrong. He gained the Wisdom of personal insight, analyzing his own motivations, acknowledging that it was his own envy and greed that drew him to seek Power. And when confronted with the reincarnation of the Hero of Time, he knew he had to fight with Courage, disdaining his magical abilities and transformations to fight him on equal ground (why he has become such an excellent swordsman). He has trained his body and meditated on himself so that when his plans finally came to fruition, he could make his wish on the Triforce, and not have it scatter. Too bad the King touched it first. (Who possessed the Wisdom necessary to make a Courageous, self-sacrificing wish for the Power to defeat Ganondorf once and for all.)
  • Why the Earth temple is so scary and haunted? Easy, the whole area is a burial ground/catacomb system. And Link is profaning it!
  • The photographer guy on Windfall Island says it's his hobby to sneak up behind people. This is actually a very good skill to have if you're a photographer, and you want to take candid shots without people noticing you're doing it.
  • Toon Link is so emotive because he's a Silent Protagonist. It gives him a personality without him having to talk, much like a mime.
  • Northern Fairy Island. There's a rich looking man on the island, using a telescope. Now, the upgrade you get here is one of the Wallet Upgrades, and the only house on the tiny island was the aforementioned Fairy Seashell house, which has no puzzle to get in. The rich-looking man probably just stumbled in there and got the upgrade, though you don't get the wallet full after the upgrade, which arose even more Fridge Brilliance. He probably was a sailor as well (seeing as Link isn't the only person on the sea), and he traveled to Bomb Island, another area he is seen in, and bombed all the rocks, all but the one at the top, have rupees. He probably did this for hours, seeing as you can escape from the hole and it resets them again. Kind of a Wild Mass Guessing thing, and a bit far-fetched, but it's still brilliance to me! - Awesome Zombie 22
    • That is Brilliant indeed, because in Phantom Hourglass the Hoho Tribe (your "rich men") are traveling traders. The ones in Wind Waker are not all the same person, however. - crocswsocks
  • Ganondorf duel-wielding. The only other Gerudo note  we encounter in a straight-up sword fight are the women guarding the carpenters in the OoT's fortress — who also use two swords. Either the WW sword fight was a Continuity Nod, or the Gerudo generally dual wield.
  • On a similar note to the above, the Ritos' reliance on a scale for their wings makes a lot more sense when you remember signature items of the Zoras'— the Silver and Gold scales. It might not clear up the evolution issues, but it has a certain symmetry to it, looking at it that way.
    • The evolution issues could be cleared up when one considers why the gods flooded Hyrule: to keep Ganondorf trapped down there. In order to prevent any Zora from diving down deep enough to discover the old world and risk freeing Ganondorf, the gods took away their fins and gave them wings.
      • In an interview, Aonuma said the Zora were changed to become the Rito. Not "changed", "were changed", as if by an outside force. So, sort of confirmed!
    • Of course, flight and swimming are very similar processes, so the change is less drastic than one might imagine.
    • This makes even more sense when you consider that Laruto is Medli's ancestor.
  • So, on average, we agree that Wind Waker Link can be rather clueless at times, especially when compared to his counterparts from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and even his fellow cel-Links from The Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks. Stop to consider the fact that he's the only Link whose Exposition Fairy was a) not around from the start of the action note  and b) one of the few who can't be contacted on a whim from anywhere on the map. Navi, Tatl, Midna, Fi, Ezlo, and Zelda would all talk to Link on a regular basis when he (apparently) asked for advice (Navi, Tatl and Fi in particular, could use an Enemy Scan) but the King was a boat sort of and couldn't follow Link through dungeons, caves, etc. In other words, WW Link had to figure almost everything out on his own — he's not dumb, he just had to use trial and error to work things out, on top of trying to stay alive until he did find the answer.
    • Also notable is the fact that he cannot possibly be descended/reincarnated from OoT-Link, since that Link stopped existing in that timeline when Zelda sent him back. So it makes sense that he would have a different temperament, as he's more of a successor than an heir. It also is consistent with the "forge your own path" theme of the game. - crocswsocks
      • Another note about said theme: it relates to the reason that OT-Link was sent back: so he could live his own life... - crocswsocks
  • The Koroks aren't just evolved from the Kokiri, as the Rito are evolved from the Zora. The Kokiri come from the Great Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time. The Koroks come from the Deku Tree Sprout in Ocarina of Time, which becomes the Great Deku Tree in Wind Waker. They actually come from a different family tree, so to speak.
  • When you first visit Dragon Roost Island, you can get Wind's Requiem immediately. Later, when you have to help Medli fly into Dragon Roost Cavern, you're supposed to wait for the wind to pick up and blow in the right direction. If you use Wind's Requiem, however, you can direct the wind as you choose and it will no longer change direction on its own. This initially seems like just a convenient little trick, until you realize Medli mentioned the "atmospheric currents are really messed up". By conducting Wind's Requiem, you've restored the atmospheric currents to their normal state.
  • A bit of Fridge Brilliance and Heartwarming for fans who have seen the ending of Skyward Sword. So, Fi and Demise are trapped in the Master Sword. Remember, Ganondorf is the (re)incarnation of Demise's hatred. However, in this game, Ganondorf has more or less let go of his hatred for Link and Zelda. His final boss battle is more or less a physical Madness Mantra due to being finally denied the Power of the Gods he so instinctively desired. When the Master Sword was placed rather firmly in his scalp, his thoughts immediately turned to home. He abandoned his hunt for the Triforce, he abandoned his hatred for Link and Zelda... the last remnant of Demise's hatred was gone. Demise would have lost his only bit of influence and vanished. Ganondorf died his final death. Fi would finally be free to move on to the heavens. Isn't that heartwarming?
  • So at the end of Wind Waker, the King exploits a loophole in the Triforce mythos. Ganon made his wish on it, but the first person to touch it gets his wish granted, not the first to make a wish. Cut to the King after Ganon has made his wish, and what's going on? The King has his hand resting on the Triforce. More specifically, the Triforce of Power. Except, it only looks like the Triforce of Power in the close up— when the camera pulls back, you see that he came into contact with the Triforce of Courage, which may have more brilliance behind it than the 'salt in the wound' from the Triforce of Power. For one, it's the piece that the King helped put together/watched Link earn, but he also demonstrates a good deal of courage in the ending, when he stays behind in the flooding Hyrule.
  • Mila's father is made out to be a Jerk Ass for demanding compensation for you smashing his bone china vases, but it's really just an example of Reality Ensues in a game where you can smash things without impunity (also, Sue-Belle in the beginning of the game if you smash the pot in her head will be crying when you talk to her and will swipe 10 rupees from your pocket)
  • In the Second Quest, Link will wear the "Hero's New Clothes", which are nothing and he's seen wearing his blue shirt and orange pants. In the ending FMV, he's seen in the green clothes from the normal quest, which could be a result of animation oversight, but if you take into consideration how the "new clothes" could only be seen by those who truly acknowledge Link as a hero, the player DOES see them at the end after Ganondorf's defeat.
  • The fact that in this game Link is able to control the wind makes a lot of sense if you remember that his Triforce piece, the Triforce of Courage, is Farore's blessing. Farore is the goddess commonly associated with wind.

Fridge Horror
  • With the revelations Skyward Sword gave us about the Master Sword, Fi is trapped under the ocean, quite possibly forever, as of the end of this game.
    • It's worse than that: The Master Sword is completely depowered when Link recovers it. That could mean Fi is actually dead when you first recover the sword!
  • Most of TWW Link's life. Not only are his parents and grandfather dead, but the very first thing you do in the game is accept your coming-of-age presents. This means Link is the Man of the House at age twelve, possibly younger. And what's the first thing he gets asked to do as the Man of the House? Rescue his sister from a 30-foot man-eating bird. Of all the ways to get thrown into the world, this ranks as one of the worst; his innocence hasn't just been lost, it's been shattered into a thousand pieces.
  • At the end of Wind Waker, all of Hyrule gets wiped out. The Earth and Wind Temples are part of Hyrule; you access them via islands, but they are not islands. Now, where are Medli and Makar at the end of the game? On the pirates' ship, actually. But you get the point.
    • I do not get the point. Those temples serve no purpose now that Ganondorf is dead, so if Medli and Makar are on the Pirate Ship, then there is no reason to care about what happens to the temples. Incidentally, if the temples are flooded, that means Medli and Makar don't have to be sages anymore, and can return home to resume a budding ship with Komali and an annual role playing violin/cello, respectively.
      • I believe the OP was referring to the fact that the temples weren't evacuated before the whole 'water comes crashing down' thing. Personally, I like to think that Laruto and Fado were looking out for their successors.
  • Medli and Makar on on the Pirate ship greeting you in the final cutscene. But they were required to stay in their temples praying so the Master Sword would retain its power. Did Ganondorf break free because of this? If yes, then he would just have drowned because he no longer had the Triforce of Power to keep him alive. And a huge sword wound in his head.
  • The beginning of the game: if the pirates hadn't shot down the Helmaroc King, Ganondorf would have gotten his hands on Zelda too soon.
  • If you watch PBG's G Files episode on Zelda, near the end, he'll talk about Tingle. In his Majora's Mask incarnation, he's just a kind hearted boy who just so happens to be obessed with fairies and has the mind of a child... But in Wind Waker... Things get scarier... Let me ask you a question... Where do you find the Pictobox? In Tingle's cell. Right! But if Tingle was the one who stole the box, that means he had to have carved that area out... So, what are all of those SKULLS doing there?!? And what about if you visit his island and how Ankle and David Jr. claim that whenever you use the Tingle Tuner, he's nice to them... "So nice!" Have you connected the dots yet? That's right. Not only is the WW incarnation of Tingle a slave driver and abuser, he's also a MASS MURDERER!!! As if Tingle wasn't weird and/or creepy enough!!!
    • "Boy" nothing, he's 30 in Majora's Mask. There's Fridge Horror in that, too.
  • At the start of the game, you can catch three pigs and give them to a lady on Outset. When you come back later, the black pig is massive and the other two are gone. Yeah...
    • Actually, if you talk to the family that owns the pig, the youngest boy will accidentally let it slip that his family ate the other two pigs. "IT WAS DELICIOUS!"
  • In the Earth Temple, you encounter many Redeads. Now the Earth Temple has many tombs in it, and some of the Redeads come out of those. However, others are found sitting in rooms with no tombs. So when the flood came, they must have been attendants trapped within the temple to die a slow death.
    • Also, why are there Redeads in the basement of the teacher's sea cabin?
  • Why are Maggie, Mila, and Aryll still at Forsaken Fortress after they are confirmed not to be the Princess?
    • So the Helmaroc King doesn't grab them again by mistake?
    • Maybe Ganondorf planned to ransom them or something.
  • Link's home, Outset Island. Think about it. First, you've got the Forest of Fairies that's crawling with monsters, and it's only separated from the main island by a suspension bridge. How easy would it be for a few of those guys to go on a night raid into the village? At one point in the game, when the Great Sea is cursed, there are already tons of monsters on the mainland. And there's not a lot of people who know how to use swords on the island (unless you're counting on Link and Orca to take care of them all, which would actually be kind of awesome). And if you think about it, the Forest of Fairies is positioned directly above lots of the houses. Seems pretty dangerous for an island with a lot of kids (and some adults) who have no way to protect themselves. Also, you've got the freaking SAVAGE LABYRINTH with 51 (or something) floors filled with plenty of nearly every kind of monster in the GAME — right in the same place where Link and Aryll and everybody else grew up. And nobody even knows about it. What if somebody accidentally bombed that rock under the giant stone head statue? All the monsters (or I guess only some of them) would be set loose. All I'm saying is, why didn't they settle someplace safer?
    • Because "nobody even knows about it". And there was still a skilled swordsman that lived in the village for many years, it's safe to assume any sort of monster that would think of going down there could be beaten if the village still stands.
    • As for the forest of fairies, it wasn't originally full of monsters. They came there specifically to capture Zelda. And as for the Savage Labyrinth, it was safely sealed by the stone head which is unremovable by normal means.

Fridge Logic
  • As soon as you meet him, the King of Red Lions admits he's useless without a sail. Then how in Sam Hill did he get Link from the Forsaken Fortress to Windfall Island? Did he really cruise all the way there?
    • Perhaps he encountered a Big Octo and was swallowed then spat out in Windfall.
      • Since it is actually possible in-game to move the boat slowly without using the sail by pressing down "R", I think it's most likely that he cruised all the way there. What causes the boat to move at all without a sail is another matter entirely (but he is a magic boat...)
      • It's actually possible to move forward on a boat by moving the helm back and forth quickly. It goes very slow but especially on such a small boat it's easily possible. Since the King of Red Lions can move his head it's believable that he could move his own rudder too.
      • In the in-game time, it takes about two and a half days to cross one quadrant by sail-less cruising. Forsaken Fortress is three quadrants away from Windfall Island, meaning Link's been out for seven and a half days... assuming he woke up just after the King arrived.
      • We don't really know how far Link was thrown after his little visit with Ganon. Considering how far he gets thrown in some other cutscenes, it's possible he was tossed relatively close to Windfall.
  • When you see Mila after being rescued, she's wearing a dress made out of sack cloth. One can understand why her father might (since he sold everything, including most likely his fancy clothes to the pirates) but there would have been no reason for Mila to get rid of her dress, fan, and accessories. That, combined with her pride and focus on her image would have made more sense for her to keep her fancy dress but have it slowly turn to rags throughout the course of the rest of the game.
    • They were kinda booking it out of Forsaken Fortress. It's not unthinkable that her opulent clothing got damaged/destroyed on the way out. I mean look at the barb wire around those hammer posts alone...
  • How are the Windfall Island people so oblivious to the fact that Link isn't just an ordinary kid? A kid who can control the wind direction, change night to day and back again, carries around a HUGE glowing sword, can shoot special arrows (including light arrows), and wears an obscure looking mask. A few, such as Zunari, seem to realize there's something more to this kid in hero's clothes carrying a giant sword, since he sells Link the magic armour, which may be useful later in the game.

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