Fridge: Sentinels Of The Multiverse

  • Fridge Logic: So, the Legacy bloodline has each child inheriting all the powers of their parent, and adding a new one, and these people are always among the foremost superheroes of their generation... but for some reason, each Legacy limits themselves to a single child?
    • Bit confused on that myself, always assumed the powers only pass once, hence why Legacy becomes Iron Legacy in the bad future when his daughter is killed as it leaves him as the last Legacy.
    • Yeah, its pretty clear that when Legacy's daughter dies, he sets out to bring the rest of the world to heel because he knows he is the last Legacy. That's his entire motivation, so it looks like with his daughter's death his entire superpowered line is going to end.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Generally, every game opens up with the villain doing serious damage, deploying huge numbers of minions, and basically making things hell for the players. The game progresses, with the heroes rallying, assembling their ongoing cards and equipment, taking apart the villains' minions and equipment, and finally coming back from the brink to win. Exactly like in the superhero comics the game drew from!
    • Of course the villains attack first, forcing the heroes to defend themselves and innocent bystanders. It wouldn't be very heroic for the heroes to attack first.