Fridge / Oni

  • Fridge Brilliance: For those of you who wondered what the deal was with Konoko and Mukade's connection, have a look at this. That's right, Word of God confirmed that Mukade had a Daodan Chryslis and that people possessing a Daodan Chrysalis can sense each other like predators fighting over territory!
  • Fridge Horror: According to the manual, the World Coalition Government is watching over people in a Big Brother manner. It says that there is no privacy and that they basically know what you are doing at all times. Think about it. They know if you have to take a leak or a dump in the bathroom. They know if you take a shower and you have to take all your clothes off when you do it. Is that creepy or what?
  • Fridge Logic: Level 6 features a Syndicate attack on the TCTF headquarters, starting with an armored truck crashing through the front of the building. In the real world, almost every major government building is surrounded by close-set concrete pylons or other barriers to prevent such attacks.