Funny / Oni

  • Konoko tells the doctor to forget it and just get out of here. The doctor gives her some hypos, saying "Here!" He then runs off, yelling "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" This is pretty funny to listen to.
  • If you go into the "taunt" pose, one of Konoko's randomly chosen lines of dialogue is "You just got beat by a girl!"
  • Konoko has no idea how to use Muro's Sturmanderung supercomputer. The command that shows her what to do? After typing "HELP" several times, and coming up empty, she tries "F1". It works.
  • Much of what the Deadly Brain says during the fight with it. At one point Shinatama thinks you blew its logic circuits as the Brain now has a new demand: It wants feet. And then goes on to ramble about how "all God's creatures have feet".