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Trivia: Oni
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Amanda Winn Lee voices Konoko, Pete Stacker voices Griffin, Anne Bowerman voices Shinatama, Norm Woodel voices Dr. Hasegawa, Bob O'Donnell voices Dr. Kerr, Kurt Naebig voices Muro, George Adams voices Barabas, and Kevin Gudahl voices Mukade.
    • The Japanese version is maybe the only Rockstar game dubbed in that language: Kotono Mitsuishi is Kotoko and Ayako Kawasumi is Shinatama (and Playing Against Type to boot).
  • Saved from Development Hell: This game had been announced back in 1998. The development of this game lasted for 3 years. It finally got released in 2001. In all that time, there was a lot of advertising and hype on the game. This game actually got listed in PC Gamer during its development in an article discussing games that have not been released in a long time and the reasons behind them. In Oni's case, they lost a lead programmer (which certainly did not help) and they found out that the technology behind making video games had improved during that time, so they were trying to incorporate this into the game. Clearly, they succeeded in the end, but they had to cut out a number of things (see the What Could Have Been entry). The final product is a game that is fun, but it gives the player the feeling that it has a lot of potential that was left unfulfilled.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This game has some major cases of this. There is the Humongous Mecha, which would have been awesome, but it got cut out. The game was supposed to have multiplayer, but that was removed due to difficulties in debugging and the general unplayability of a fighting game over any less reliable network than a LAN at the time. Bungie said that they would release the multiplayer as a separate add-on, but it clearly never materialized.
    • There is a character named Casey. Who is this, you are wondering? He is the unmasked cop who appears in the intro shooting at some Syndicate goons. He may also be the guy who appears with Griffin in two of the failure screens. It is hard to say if he is the guy with Griffin in the Chapter 5 Mission Complete screen. Some sources suggest that Casey is Griffin's son. Check out a picture of Casey here.
    • There was supposed to be a chapter that focuses on BGI. Word of God says that BGI stands for "Bad Guys International". Konoko, who had gone rogue by that point, was supposed to raid BGI Headquarters. The raid was supposed to entail blowing up the entire place and fighting the Iron Demon.

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