Fridge / America's Next Top Model

Fridge Brilliance
  • The All-Stars Cycle had plenty:
    • Cycle 5 alumnae Bre and Lisa winning the carousel challenge in episode 5. Around Cycles 3-7 were the times when J. Alexander really hammered the contestants in runway challenges.
    • Why does Bianca can't get along with Lisa? Because one of her Sit Com Arch Nemesis in Cycle 9 is also Lisa. Also, Lisa (D'Amato) and Bianca's cycles were respectively the first and last season that Twiggy judged.
    • Shannon being an older sister figure to Alexandria makes sense. Shannon was from the inaugural cycle while Alexandria was from the recent and previous one.
    • Tyra added the word again to the end of her usual pre-Elimination Catchphrase ("one of them will be going home") during the All-Stars Cycle, reflecting that Cycle's My Greatest Second Chance theme. However, she just uttered her regular pre-Elimination Statement in two occasions. First in episode 9 when Shannon and Laura were the bottom two. And then in episode 12 when the bottom two were Allison and Laura. The reason is that the girls mentioned were runner-ups from their original Cycles.
    • Angelea's Persistent brand.
    • The final two for this Cycle were Lisa and Allison. Originally, Lisa was from Cycle 5 while Allison was from Cycle 12. Adding five and twelve will sum up to seventeen (5+12=17). All-Stars was the seventeenth Cycle.
      • If Angelea was indeed the initial winner, then the math thing also counts for her. This was the first (and only) time there's a final three and she's originally from Cycle 14, so 3+14=17.
    • Lisa was the first non-winner to guest during an on-going season (Cycle 6 along with Janice Dickinson). Winning the cycle featuring non-winning contestants somewhat makes it relevant.
      • Lisa's Shocking Elimination way back in Cycle 5 was actually justified. That episode's aesop was "being a Top Model is also being a role model, which means you're always being monitored/watched so always be paparazzi/camera prepared or else they may get a shot to use against you". During panel, the judges dismissed Lisa as "uncontrollable" and stated that they were tuned-off by her spit-fire personality. Lisa was actually tame in that episode. But in the previous episode, they had a non-elimination week only to see the contestants' development. That was the same episode Lisa made her infamous "diaper-peeing" scene.
  • Cycle 18
    • The kiss-mark in the logo seems to be just a fancy design. But if you look into the winner's backstory or saw it beforehand, you'll figure that it's not.
    • Alisha's Heroic Sacrifice may count as a bittersweet Fridge Brilliance. Her Exact Words when she quit was she doesn't want to be selfish and take the deserving spot over the remaining girls (the front-runners and an improving contestant). It'll probably be dismissed as not wanting to be an Elimination Houdini, which is also true. Alisha had a No-Damage Run during BNTM Cycle 6 where she became an eventual finalist and came-up short but nonetheless proud of it. The remaining girls were having No-Damage Run at the time Alisha quit. So basically, her decision to quit allowed the front-runners and the improving contestant to have a strong chance of having a Flawless Victory, something she was so close on achieving before, thus putting her Non-Gameplay Elimination in better light.note 
    • Cycle 18 really enforced Wearing a Flag on Your Head to the girls every panel to hammer the US vs UK theme. This was largely abandoned at the final threenote  and completely during the finale itself. They no longer wear their respective "team uniforms" because it is the point in the competition where they essentially can no longer function as such. A Rule of Symbolism that it's everyone for themselves now. This Is a Competition after all.
    • The red and blue clothes not only represent the colors of the US and UK flags, but also the Oni dynamics of their teams.
    • It makes sense that the eventual winner was from Cycle 5 of BNTM, considering that the international destination of ANTM Cycle 5 was London

Fridge Horror
  • Kayla in Cycle 15 had to be photographed with the word "queer" all over her body. The shoot was about "rising above the words that caused you pain in your life" or something like that. Then she revealed she was sexually assaulted...
  • In Cycle 16, Alexandria claimed she needed to "grow-up fast" in order to take care of her siblings due to Parental Abandonment. Seeing her in Cycle 17 acting like Shannon or Lisa's Tagalong Kid pretty much solidified that she never really had a happy and proper childhood with significant adult figures. It's reflected by the fact that she constantly clashed with most of the contestants in her original season, people who belong in her age group, while act more carefree and less guarded in the second where she was surrounded mostly by elder contestants.
  • The competition being allegedly rigged. If that's the case, imagine the efforts of the girls who are not the pre-selected winner..

Fridge Logic
  • Contestants with Reality Show Genre Blindness in general.
    • Specifically, there are girls who came to the show and claimed to be a fan of the show, yet when it's makeover time, they suffer from Traumatic Haircut? If it's the second or third cycle then it's okay. But until the double digit cycles?