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Funny / America's Next Top Model

A lot of comments from the girls qualify. And there is even a list of funny from a website
  • "It's hard living with women, especially females"
  • "Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes five minutes"
  • Anything Jade ever said.
  • The real comic gold usually comes in the "stuff you didn't get to see" episodes.
    • C6 had one where they translated several Jadeisms into English (dictionary style).
    • C13 added confused thought-bubbles picturing what might be going on in Nicole's mind when Laura describes sex with a riding-a-bike-uphill metaphor.
    • C14 drew a halo and angel wings on Raina as she went on and on about how you don't talk smack about people, eventually replacing it with devil's horns and a pitchfork when they showed multiple clips of her talking smack.
    • C16 had a Confession Cam scene where Alexandria rapped.
  • In C14, the girls have all moved into their house in New Zealand and Jessica decides that it would be a great idea to make tacos, so she get out the taco shells and places them on top of the toaster to cook. She ends up setting the taco shells on fire and all the girls stand there for about three minutes either trying to do something or standing there and screaming.
  • "One down, eleven to go!"
  • This Miss J makeover
  • I can't remember what Season, but there was an enormous catfight in one of the early seasons between a lot of the girls, and one of them was on the phone and cheerily oblivious to the entire thing.
  • Natasha. No matter what was going on, she was usually very cheery and very optimistic. There was a reason why she was referred to as the "used car salesman of America's Next Top Model."
    • Miss J criticizes her walk, saying that she looks like she's marching. Her response? "He said that I look like a Martian. Im doing great!"
    • The other contestants say that Natasha has the least potential during judging, but she says, "If Gisele Bundchen would be standing behind me right now, Id say she has the less potential because shed be the biggest competition for me." Snap!
  • Anya's first step in Rome involved her faceplanting into the dirt.
  • Cari Dee "hiding dizzily" during a panel test.
    • From the same panel test, "boxing joyfully", which will live on in fanon imfamy.
  • The crowner goes to Heather from Cycle 9. "Hey all you pretty ladies... and Tyra!"
  • From C1, Ebony's eye-roll at Robyn's enforced prayer circle.
    • The "Giselle/Ebony Anti-Grease Showdown".
  • A few gems from C6, courtesy of Danielle Evans:
    • "Forget the gap, suckah. I'm goin' to Thailand!
    • "You see the sun rise, you see it set, you see the cock crow, you see the Eiffel Tower and Nnenna is still on the phone!"
    • "I was just trying to suck her head. I didn't break it or nothin'" (Said to a dentist when he catches her using the suction device on Jade's forehead.)
  • In cycle 3, the losers of a challenge had to walk home. Kelle took the lead, saying that it was "finally something she could do". Cut to her tripping over Amanda's cane.
  • Cycle 15's Chris (a.k.a Myrtle) during the awkward barbeque with the male models.
    • "Ladies, it's been wonderful..." "No."
  • The whole preamble to the makeovers from C11. Specifically Miss J as the "witch" and Mr. J as the "Prince of Couture."
  • Cycle 4's Tiffany checking on a sleeping Michelle, who recently contracted impetigo, and reporting to the others "You guys, she doesn't breathe when she sleeps!"
  • Cycle 12 had some serious drama between Celia and Tahlia about whether or not one of them wanted to be there. This escalated into a humongous blown-out fight between at least four other girls . . . while Celia and Tahlia looked on from the stairs, unimpressed, and later talked it out like civil people.
  • Amber, the crazy Christian girl from cycle 13.
  • Season 20's "Questionable" body spray challenge. The whole thing. You know you've done well when you can make [[Jerkass Kelly]] Cutrone laugh. You can tell that she's trying not to laugh either when she critiques you.
  • Cycle 7 during panel. Caridee is called up for evaluation and while she's changing her outfit, remarks in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment: "I've smelt what you're stepping in." Twiggy's reaction is priceless.