Film: What the #$*! Do We Know!?

"I was edited in such a way as to completely suppress my actual views about the matters the movie discusses. I am, indeed, profoundly unsympathetic to attempts at linking quantum mechanics with consciousness. Moreover, I explained all that, at great length, on camera, to the producers of the film ... Had I known that I would have been so radically misrepresented in the movie, I would certainly not have agreed to be filmed."

Filmed to promote a vague new age philosophy based on a very, very broad interpretation of quantum physics, the movie was funded by J. Z. Knight and heavily features commentary from 'Ramtha', an ancient Atlantian general who is apparently speaking through Knight. The movie features other proclaimed scientists who either have unrelated degrees or else, as in the page quote, claim to have been taken grossly out of context.

It follows a vague documentary format, switching between commentators talking about: the implications of Quantum physics and consciousness altering reality [seemingly in radical and pretty much straight up magical ways]; a deaf photographer with anxiety issues named Amanda, who starts to experience reality through other perspectives while living with her rather out-there sister; as well as some experts in the field going over their experiments and findings.

It emphasizes different perceptions of reality and how our perception of reality can alter it, claiming that bad things happen to us because we choose to play the victim and Amanda's anxiety disorder seems magically cured after she finished destroying an image of herself in the mirror and starts thinking positive.

The film is not so much scientific as an apologist throwing together an argument from a vaguely understood branch of science and bending things to fit their philosophy.


Alternative Title(s):

What The Bleep Do We Know