Film / The Untold Story
You are what you eat.

A nasty, Cult Classic Hong Kong movie from 1993 supposedly based on true events. A severed hand washes up on a beach in Macau. The local cops investigate, eventually leading to the Eight Immortals Restaurant, which is run by the polite and nerdy Wong Chi Hang. Mr. Wong cannot provide proof of ownership for the restaurant, which has a really high turnover rate in employees who always seem to leave abruptly. The police soon find that the restaurant once belonged to a family who was nowhere to be found. The cops know something isn't right but they don't have proof of anything. Eventually, they resort to extreme methods to force a confession from Mr. Wong.

What they find is far more disturbing than they could have ever imagined.

Whatever you do, don't try the dumplings.

Also goes by the following names: Bun Man, The Eight Immortals Restaurant, Human Meat Pies: The Untold Story and Human BBQ Pork Buns. Two loose sequels followed, the first in 1998, and the second in 1999.

Alternative Title(s): The Eight Immortals Restaurant, Bun Man, Human Meat Pies The Untold Story, Human BBQ Pork Buns