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Film: Six String Samurai
"Only one man could kill this many Russians. Bring his Guitar to me!"
Death, observing the results of our Hero's confrontation with the Red Army.

In an alternate world, Russia and the U.S. nearly destroyed each other in nuclear war in 1957, with only a couple of remaining outposts of civilization left. The most prominent is Lost Vegas, ruled by Elvis Presley. However, "after 40 rockin' years, the King is dead."

The position of King is now open, and a katana-wielding guitarist named Buddy is out to take the throne. Along the way, though, he has to fight off the other pretenders, Communist bowlers, the entire Russian Army, and Death in the form of... Slash.

Also along the way, he has to deal with a Tagalong Kid that ends up teaching him that being the King is about more than rocking and fighting.

This movie has examples of:

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alternative title(s): Six String Samurai
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