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Film: Rogue
It's nothing like the Jaws poster, this one's in a river and there's a crocodile!
How fast can you swim?

From the director of Wolf Creek, we have a 2007 horror film Rogue, also known as Territory.

In Australian outback, bunch of tourists take a river boat ride to see the views and some crocodiles too. On their way back, they see a distress signal and follow it. After finding the remains of its sender's boat, they are attacked by very big crocodile and are stranded on a small islet in the middle of the river. With the tide rising, they are forced to confront the croc on its own territory.

Swim through these:

  • Tampering with Food and Drink: When the bar owner hears Pete saying "The service here is terrible" on his cellphone (he meant the phone service), he puts a dead fly on his capuccino in retaliation.
  • Title Drop: There are plenty of mentions of "territory", but no "rogue".

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