YMMV: Rogue

The film:

  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The animatronics and digital animation used to bring the crocodile to life are pretty kick ass at times.

The Roguelike video game:

  • Nintendo Hard: This could be a form of just sucking, but imagine walking into a room then immediately dying of hypothermia. This happening no where else in the game. True story.
  • Genius Bonus: Each game, all potions, rings, wands, and staves start out unidentified and being a random color/material. For example, a potion might be white, or yellow, or blue; a ring might be topaz or moonstone; a wand might be copper or titanium; a staff might be oak or avocado wood. In all four cases, one of the possible choices is a joke. One of the possible potion colors is plaid; one of the possible ring gemstones is kryptonite; one of the possible wand metals is mercury (try holding up a wand made out of a metal that's liquid at room temperature!); and one of the possible staff materials is fall (a "fall staff", get it?).
  • Good Bad Bugs: The PC version had some notable bugs that allowed a savvy player to cheat, as explained on the Roguelike page.