Film / Rise: Blood Hunter

Rise: Blood Hunter is a 2007 horror/neo-noir film directed by Sebastian Gutierrez. It is a Samuel Goldwyn Films release starring Lucy Liu and Michael Chiklis. Rise is a supernatural thriller in which a reporter (Liu) wakes up in a morgue to discover she is now a vampire. She vows revenge against the vampire cult responsible for her situation and hunts them down one by one. Chiklis plays "Rawlins," a haunted police detective whose daughter is victimized by the same group and seeks answers for her gruesome death.


  • Even Evil Has Standards: Eve draws the line killing and raping people is fine by her, but there's a limit - no children, no babies. Sadie has this in a way she does question the hitchhicker before hand - no wife, no kids, no people depending on you? Alrighty good to eat... or being eaten anyway.
  • Lesbian Vampire: Used repeatedly, including in the opening.
  • Waking Up at the Morgue: Sadie Blake, after being attacked and left for dead by a vampire, wakes up in a cold box and has to kick it open to get out. After hunting down and killing her attacker, she ends up dead again and the last shot is of her body being shelved into a cold box in the morgue. The very last shot is of her kicking open the box.