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Film: Ken Park
Ken Park is a controversial 2002 American/Netherlandic/French drama film directed by Larry Clark. It is his fifth film, after Kids, Another Day in Paradise, Bully and Teenage Caveman, and his first to be written by Harmony Korine since Kids.

The film consists of four storylines about four teenagers living in the same neighborhood:

  • 1: Claude (Stephen Jasso) is a skateboarder with an ignorant pregnant mother and a brutish father who constantly abuses him due to not thinking him manly enough, but who secretly dreams of performing oral sex on him.
  • 2: Tate (James Ransone) lives with his grandparents but hates them and constantly verbally abuses them. He is a necrophiliac who asphyxiates himself for sexual pleasure and eventually stabs his grandparents and gets an erection from it.
  • 3: Shawn (James Bullard) is having an affair with his girlfriend's mother and dreams of getting them both in bed at the same time.
  • 4: Peaches (Tiffany Limos) has a hyper-religious father who goes ballistic when he catches her about to have sex with a boy and marries her.

The title character, Ken Park, commits suicide in the opening.

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