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Film: I Know Who Killed Me

Lindsay Lohan's notorious failed attempt at serious acting—downright disheartening when you consider the sterling jobs she did in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.

Aubrey Fleming is your average Teen Genius. She plays piano. She gets good grades. She has a boyfriend. Things are going insanely well for her, until one day when she just...vanishes.

She's found a week or so later, missing a hand and a foot. However, the person who winds up in the hospital bed insists that she's not Aubrey Fleming, but rather is an identical stripper named Dakota Moss. Aubrey's family decides to take her in, even after an unexplained cut appears on her arm. However, Dakota's still not convinced that she's really Aubrey, and starts to figure that the unexplained cuts and amputations might have also happened to the real Aubrey Fleming ...

Notable mainly for a batshit insane plot, coupled with an insane liking of primary colours (Aubrey's world is blue, Dakota's world is red, Jerrod drives a bright yellow van).

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alternative title(s): I Know Who Killed Me
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