Reviews: I Know Who Killed Me

It feels redundant

Forum readers might know that I've already covered this film in agonizing detail, so it feels a bit redundant to actually write a review on it, but you know what? I still have beef with this movie. For those of you not interested in reading this whole scathing review: I Know Who Killed Me is not a good movie, not by a long shot. For all of you interested in the gory details: Please do continue.

I know who killed me follows the story of a serial killer fond of amputation and a girl who may or may not be one of his escaped victims trying to find out what the deal with all this is. Sounds good? Well, at least it sounds decent. In that respect, I should be apologizing to you, since I have been lying. You see, I Know Who Killed Me's story is in no way good. The above mentioned serial killer plot is hardly ever in focus, as the movie aims at the Shyamalan-style horror, valuing character development over main plot. Problem is, of course, that it isn't very good at it. You can say what you like about Shyamalan, and believe me, I do, but at least he can do his thing well.

I Know Who Killed Me suffers from more problems than its story, obviously. I have no idea who thought it a good idea to cast Lindsay Lohan in not one, but two fairly complicated roles, but whoever it is probably is responsible for a lot of fail in this movie. Of course, if the director knew what he was doing instead of trying, and failing, to be David Lynch, the end result might not have been all that bad. And yes, this film reeks of film-student discount pretentiousness. Don't get me wrong, I'm a filmmaker wannabe myself, and I could do a lot of these mistakes. The difference between me and the people behind this film? 12 million dollar budget, that's what, the same sum it cost to film Crank, 800 times more than it cost to film Paranormal Activity. The killer doesn't even have a definitive motive and the main character gets a robotic hand and a leg prosthesis that needs to be recharged. Do I really need to say more?

Apparently I need to wrap this up, so yes. All in all, I Know Who Killed Me isn't entertaining. Not as a filmmaker, not as a horror fan, not even as a heterosexual male could this film in any way entice me, and that in itself is an accomplishment. If anything, look through it, just to learn all the things not to do.