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A pseudo-autobiographical film dealing with a director, Guido, trying to make a film, but suffering from “director’s block.” To make things worse, his personal life is also going under a lot of stress: his health is not ideal, he doesn’t know where he is standing right now and he has problems with both his wife and his lover. In other words, everything is conspiring to make his film sink like the Titanic.

One of Federico Fellini’s better known works, it’s a favorite of film directors for showing the trials and tribulations of the film directors. The movie is generally straightforward, but full of flashbacks and daydream sequences, practically without any warning (sometimes you don’t realize you’re watching a fantasy until later). It’s also famous for a scene which we all would like to see realized in our lives.

Later remade as the stage musical 9, which itself was later adapted into a movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

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