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Film: Beginning of the End
When a small Illinois town vanishes off the map in a single night, Intrepid Reporter Audrey Aimes (Peggie Castle) swoops in smelling a scoop. Denied this, she begins investigating the goings on, leading her to Dr. Ed Wainwright (Peter Graves), who has developed a greenhouse full of atomic-sized fruits and vegetablesnote  — which the local insect population keeps breaking into.

Continuing the investigation, Audrey and Peter eventually discover the culprit: LOCUSTS! BIG ONES!! Irradiated by the good doctor's atomic plants, the local locust population has been transformed into a Nigh Invulnerable swarm of eight-foot-plus bugs of DOOM! The giant bugs begin chowing down on (postcards of) the Illinois countryside and work their way toward Chicago while Dr. Wainwright tries to figure out how to stop them.

For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, please go to the episode recap page.

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alternative title(s): Beginning Of The End
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