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YMMV: Beginning of the End
  • Designated Hero: Peter Graves. He CREATES the monsters, but never, at any point, apologizes for it. He acknowledges it, but treats it as if he simply forgot to feed the dog. Yeah, he does spend the remainder of the film trying to stop what he created, but it's too late. Lampshaded in the MST3K episode.
    Graves: I want to help out. I can't help but feel partially responsible for all of this.
    Crow: Partially?!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Chicago is the scene of a confrontation between the army and huge monsters.
  • So Okay, It's Average: An inferior imitation of Them!, to be sure, but it's better than most MST3K movies and is even enjoyable in its own right.
  • Special Effect Failure
    • The giant grasshoppers crawling up the buildings are clearly actually just regular sized grasshoppers crawling across a postcard.
    • Every time someone drives down that Certain Stretch Of Road (the dead giveaway would be those same two cars that are perpetually going the opposite direction)

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