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Tonight on TV Tropes; Peter Graves, the underrated, underpaid, incredibly handsome subject of this page.

Peter Graves (1926-2010) was an American actor known for a variety of work in both film and television. He's best remembered for starring in the two Mission: Impossible TV series, in which he played gruff team leader Jim Phelps for six seasons of the original series and both seasons of the revival.

He was the brother of James Arness of Gunsmoke fame.

Graves was a native of Minnesota, which may or may not be coincidental to his many appearances in movies mocked by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

These include:

Graves also appeared in a movie mocked on The Film Crew titled Killers From Space.

Known for being a dramatic actor, Graves was cast against type as Captain Oveur in the comedy film Airplane

His distinct voice lead to his fame as the host of the A & E Series Biography.

Other Notable Roles: