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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Downton Abbey & Zombies by The Yankee Countess
  • Recommended by SlaaneshIsSexxy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What if the Zombie Apocalypse took place immediately following WWI? What if the poison gas used in WWI caused serious, biological repercussions, that brought the dead...back to life? What if the men and women of Downton Abbey, both upstairs and downstairs, had to unite to fight off a horde of flesh-eating monsters? Inspired by AMC's The Walking Dead.
  • Tags: Drama, Action, Horror

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  • Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Love's Journey by Yankee Countess
    • Recommended by SlaaneshIsSexxy
    • Status: COMPLETE
    • Synopsis: The story and romance of Tom Branson and Lady Sybil Crawley is retold through a series of letters, diary entries, and personal POV thoughts, spanning from Branson's arrival at Downton in 1913, and ultimately leading to their journey to Ireland
    • Pairing: Sybil Crawley/Tom Branson
    • Tags: Drama, Romance

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  • TheAbbey by Frea_O (Link)
    • Recommended by: Star Valkyrie
    • Synopsis: Perseus was always supposed to rescue Andromeda, but when the fair maiden's not such a damsel in distress, and the valiant hero's deep in over his head, things might just go a little differently this time.
    • Pairing(s): Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, John Bates/Anna Smith
    • Rating: PG-15
    • Tags: Romance, Spy Fiction, Tuxedo and Martini, Modern AU

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  • Perdition by sunsetmog

    • Synopsis: Thomas is manipulative, ambitious, and ruthless. He's also lonely as hell. And then the new gardener starts at Downton, and everything changes.
    • Pairing(s): Thomas Barrow/OMC
    • Rating: Mature
    • Tags: Hurt/Comfort Fic, Earn Your Happy Ending

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  • Do No Harm by dollsome

    • Synopsis: "She’s weak still, for all she says about feeling much better." O'Brien helps Cora get ready for Lavinia's funeral.
    • Paring(s): Sarah O'Brien/Cora Crawley (unrequited)
    • Rating: General
    • Tags: Angst

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  • Thomas and the Society of Sentinels and sequel, Pack Up Your Troubles: Guide Thomas At Downton by Alex51324
    • Recommended by: Star Valkyrie
    • Fusion Fic with Sentinel/Guide fanon (based loosely on The Sentinel) – however, no prior knowledge of this fandom is necessary to understand this fic
    • Synopsis: After being arrested for gross indecency with another male person, Thomas Barrow learns that he has a natural gift which will plunge him into a startlingly different society which exists in parallel with the one in which he has lived his life until now. He’s not entirely sure whether or not that’s a good thing.
    • Pairing(s): Thomas Barrow/Original Male Character
    • Rating: PG-15
    • Tags: Romance, AU, Fusion Fic, Crossover

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  • Bring Back Some Browncoats To Shake Us Up A Bit by foojules

    • Recommended by SlaaneshIsSexxy
    • Status: Dormant
    • Synopsis: Downton Abbey. Yorkshire, England. Or not! The planet called Earth by its inhabitants is really Lab K2116: a vast social experiment built by Blue Sun. Serenity crash-lands on the Downton green and we find that K2116's planetary defenses have been lowered, leaving them ripe for the Reavers' picking. Capt. Mal Reynolds unwillingly takes on a rather large group of refugees.
    • Tags: Adventure, Space Western

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