Fanfic / Superwomen of Eva 2: Girl of Steel

Mana Kirishima just wanted to be a normal girl. She never had any desire to be a super heroine. But fate had other plans for her, and she'll be forced to face some of the most dangerous forces in Tokyo-3. Fortunately, she's got a secret weapon.

Superwomen of Eva 2: Girl of Steel by Mike313 is a Superwomen of Eva story starring Mana Kirishima from the Neon Genesis Evangelion video game Girlfriend of Steel.

Hired by Yamagishi Enterprises, brilliant robotics expert Hazumi Kirishima moves to Tokyo-3 with her equally brilliant daughter, Mana, who is enamored with the various superwomen and idolizes Power Girl in particular. Tragedy strikes, and in response, young Mana dons the Powered Armor they've been working on and becomes Tokyo-3's other Girl of Steel.


Alternative Title(s): Superwomen Of Eva 2 Girl Of Steel