Fan Fic / Crew Of The Axe

" Different people join a pirate crew for their own reasons. Revenge, hope, fame. However, what they get is not only the adventure of their lives...but they get a family as well.

Crew Of The Axe: is an One Piece fanfic universe started by Kilnorc with his 2006 fanfiction One Piece: Crew Of The Axe. Orginally started as a way for Kilnorc to write an One Piece adventure set in the main canon with a crew made up of original characters from himself and his friends, it grew to include several fics by different writers and potraying different crews, as well as a mythology rivaling the main series itself. Some of the major writers in the world include Rayo Verrani, The Dude Of Doom, and Malchior The Draco

A collection of all fics that make up the COTAVerse can be found here

Tropes associated with Crew Of The Axe:

  • Big Bad: Several characters seem to be headed toward this role including Black Crow, Duke Cross and Stein Madro
  • Crossover: The Axe-Heads have quite a few with the main series, but the writers sometimes will use each other’s characters in their arcs
  • Continuity Snarl: Due to so many different writers writing so many different fanfics, as well as the fact that when the series started, Kilnorc was working based only on the lackluster 4kids dub, this is present in several places.
  • Downer Ending: Death Root:Nightmare Aqualopolis
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Due to Kilnorc only being familiar with the 4kids dub at first, there are multiple mistakes such as fox zoan Dusty having fox ears and tail all the time to Calling Zoro Zolo
  • Everyone Is Related: Not by blood (in most cases at least), but a lot of the crews have connections to each other through certain members .
  • Freudian Trio: The three points of the Kindachi Goten Sankaku make one of these. Endo is the id, Axe is the ego and Shade is the superego
  • Loads and Loads of Characters:
  • Prequel: A few of the fics are these for characters, usually the Axe-Heads.
  • Schedule Slip: Plenty, the most famous one being by Kilnorc himself, having not updated his fanfiction in over three years
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: Present with both the crews and the stories with the two ends seeming to be Draco’s Crew by Malchior The Draco and Death Root by The Dude Of Doom
  • The Clan: The Crosses
  • The 'Verse:
  • Time Skip: The same one as the main series. None of the stories have reached that point yet but most of the authors have planned out the effects of it on their crews
  • Wham Line: Several throughout the series, most commonly in Crew Of The Axe.
    • "They were once part of my first crew," – Crew Of The Axe: Pirate Crew Grand Prix
    • "Didn't I already tell you, Axe? You are the Ono, and Endo there," he nodded to the merc leader, " the Ki, or Tree. Two of the three points of the Kindachi Goten Sankaku…” – Crew Of The Axe: Homeland and One Piece: Death Root
    • "MY NAME IS SAMUEL D. AXE!!” – Crew Of The Axe: Secret Power