Fan Fic / Vision

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic meets BioShock. Is a mare not entitled to the sweat of her brow?

Siren Song, the beautiful, lovely, and privileged student of Princess Celestia, has convinced her teacher to let her venture beyond the palace walls and go abroad to study art.

However, studying art is only a cover story; Siren is on a different mission. A long time ago, Celestia had a falling out with another one of her most promising students: Twilight Sparkle. Having seen her mentor's lingering sadness over the affair, Siren has decided that she would find Twilight and talk her into burying the hatchet. She gets on a boat traveling to the last place Twilight was known to be, but just as the boat approaches, it is attacked and sunk by mutants the likes of which Siren has never seen.

She wakes up in the slums of Vision, an underwater city designed to be a utopia where ponies could carve out their own place in the world away from Celestia's perceived tyranny. Ripped apart by civil war, Vision has become a hell under the sea, where ponies are hung for shoplifting, predatory mutants walk the streets, and money can buy anything.

Having been told that Twilight had died in Vision a while ago, Siren's only mission now is escape, and her only hope is the powerful councilmare and Voice with an Internet Connection, Trixie, who intends to ransom her. But in order to get to her, Siren needs to journey across the city, all the while having to deal with predators, stress, injuries, a ponyhunt, and the increasing realization that she's not quite the upstanding pony she had always considered herself to be.

The first book of the series, Siren Song, is complete, and can be found here. The second book, Daring Do, can be found half-complete here. Unfortunately, the author has announced the series' cancellation in order to pursue original fiction. He'll instead upload deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes content, a series bible, and more.

This fanfiction contains examples of: