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Fan Fic: The Shocker Legit
The "normal" life. So that's what I was living; subsisting on Doritos, self-hatred and a keg-can of Heineken. That's the normal life. Blasting cops with level threes while they're just trying to help people is the normal life. Knowing I'll never really get anywhere, be anybody, do anything - That's the normal life.

The Shocker: Legit is a fanfic by Max Landis (son of director John Landis), and is about the Shocker (Herman Schultz) trying to go legit. Big surprise, huh? There's also a lot of Marvel references, appearances by a handful of other superheroes and supervillains, an expansive conspiracy theory, the Shocker's interactions with his best friend, The Rhino, who is a bit of a ditz, and the superb narration told in the voice of The Shocker. It also fleshes out both The Shocker and the Rhino as friends (in some pretty heartwarming scenes). The fanfic itself is highly quotable. The Shocker kind of turns into a Marty Stu by the end, but overall it's definitely worth a look.

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